20.11.2012 16:37 Age: 1 yrs
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Webinar: Eight Core Indicators to Monitor School Health

This webinar, Tuesday 20th November, 2 pm London time,  is part of a series of webinars organized by the International School Health Network. If you would like to join the webinar, then simply click on this Participants Link before the webinar starts

Eight Core Indicators to Monitor Progress Towards School Health

A presentation by three members of the FRESH M&E Coordinating Group

  • Scott Pulizzi, UNESCO, Section of HIV and Health Education
  • Natalie Roschnik, Save the Children, School Health and Nutrition Advisor
  • Carmen Aldinger, Author & Researcher in School Health

Join the discussion on the recently developed 8 Core Indicators to Monitor Progress Towards School Health. International agencies have developed the indicators to monitor national and school level progress in accordance with the four pillars of the international Focusing Resources on Effective School Health (FRESH) framework. The four pillars are: equitable school health policies, safe learning environment, skills-based health education, and school-based health and nutrition services. The FRESH framework is an inter-sectoral partnership launched at the World Education Forum in 2000 to highlight the importance of school health for the achievement of the education Millennium Development Goals. This webinar will provide an overview of the FRESH Framework and proposed indicators and an opportunity for participants to discuss its contents and potential uses. A draft document has been prepared for discussion and revision and is available on the UNESCO FRESH website.