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UNESCO and National Population and Family Planning Body Workshop on Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Indonesia, 4-5 October 2012

©National Population and Family Planning Body (BKKBN), Indonesia

©National Population and Family Planning Body (BKKBN), Indonesia

UNESCO Jakarta in collaboration with National Population and Family Planning Body (BKKBN) co-organized a workshop in Bandung, Indonesia. The objective was to introduce the first draft of the National Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) and peer review supplementary teacher training manuals focusing on the CSE needs of young key affected populations (YKAP) and out of school youth.

The workshop was opened with remarks from Dr. Anwar Al-Said, Head of Education Unit, UNESCO Office, Jakarta and Dr. Wicaksono, Mkes, Director of Family Planning, BKKBN. This was followed by technical presentations by Mr. Ahmed Afzal from UNESCO, Dr. Margaretha Sitanggang of UNFPA and Dr. Nia Reviani from BKKBN.
Over 30 participants included youth stakeholders from UNESCO, WHO, UNFPA, UNICEF, BKKBN, MoH, MoE&C, KPPA-PA (Ministry of Women and Child Protection), NatCom, National AIDS Commission, PKBI, RutgersWFP and related partners.

The workshop enjoyed intensive discussion on the target population (YKAP) of the material and the current capacity of BKKBN to implement modules being developed. The workshop also discussed collaboration with YouthLEAD members on effective use of social media to deliver CSE to young people.
The event was closed with remarks from Dr. Meeyoung Choi, Programme Specialist in Education, UNESCO Office, Jakarta.
The meeting was supported financially in-kind by BKKBN, and UNESCO, utilizing funds from UNAIDS.
For further information, please contact: Ahmed Afzal, HIV-AIDS & School Health Coordinator, UNESCO Jakarta at a.afzal@unesco.org or jakarta@unesco.org

Source: UNESCO Office in Jakarta

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