The Clearinghouse

Education is central to preparing young people for adult life and offers important protection against HIV. The Global Campaign for Education has estimated that universal primary education alone would prevent 700,000 new HIV infections each year. The achievement of Education for All (EFA) is therefore fundamental to reduce HIV-related vulnerability and risk. (…) At the same time, there is growing recognition that EFA cannot be achieved without addressing HIV and AIDS. HIV keeps children out of school and has an adverse effect on learning. The EFA Global Monitoring Report 2010 highlighted children most at risk of educational marginalisation. These include children who are living with HIV, who have been orphaned and who live in households affected by HIV. Consolidating and building on gains in school enrolment and girls’ education, as an essential building block of the HIV response, must remain a priority, but there is more to be done to maximize the effectiveness of education responses to HIV. (UNESCO’s Strategy for HIV and AIDS)

The HIV and AIDS Education Clearinghouse is a knowledge sharing initiative, provided by UNESCO, with contributions from external partners. It supports education professionals, ministries of education, development agencies, civil society, researchers and other partners, by providing a comprehensive knowledge base and information exchange service for the development of effective HIV and AIDS policies, programmes and advocacy within the education sector.

The UNESCO HIV and AIDS Education Clearinghouse is available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese and provides:

  • a virtual library currently containing over 7,000 references;
  • quick access to good practices on HIV & AIDS and education materials and programmes;
  • alerts to scientific journal articles;
  • a calendar of HIV- and AIDS-related events;
  • electronic newsletter subscriptions;
  • listerv for HIV and AIDS professionals; and
  • enquiry and literature search services available on request.

The UNESCO HIV and AIDS Education Clearinghouse receives financial support from UNAIDS.